Fox News is not happy with President Donald Trump, and they’re making it clear they stand behind an on-air host the president attacked for daring to let a guest say that Trump didn’t perform well in the 2016 debates against his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

During a segment on Neil Cavuto’s show Thursday, A.B. Stoddard of RealClear Politics noted that while Trump managed to eek out a win in 2016, he wasn’t all that sharp in his debates with Clinton:

“I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances. Many answers were so cringeworthy you just couldn’t even believe he was still standing on the stage.”

That was all it took for the president to lash out on both Twitter and a rally he held Thursday evening in Colorado springs. Here’s the tweet:

At the rally, Trump remarked:

“All of their high-rated shows are the ones that like Trump. All of their loser shows are the ones that don’t like Trump. How is Shepard Smith doing? He had the lowest ratings and now Neil Cavuto took his place.”

That didn’t sit well with the folks at Fox, and a discussion of the president’s bizarre comments took place on the network, with Fox Business host Trish Regan noting:

I can tell you that about Neil. He is a fair person, a fair guy and a good man. So I’m disappointed that the president said those things because Neil Cavuto is one guy who just doesn’t deserve it.”

Richard Fowler, who serves as a contributor to the network, went even further:

“[Trump] spent the past 30 or so minutes trashing one of our colleagues, Neil Cavuto, for no reason in particular. This speaks to the problem with this presidency. He can run on the good economy and I will give him points for that, but to sit on this air and trash a good journalist, it speaks to the problem that we have. We can’t tell our children to do unto others when you have a president attacking a good man for no reason in particular aside from the fact that he criticized a particular policy position of his.

“He’s the leader of the free world. For him to sit here and attack a journalist, multiple journalists for reporting facts on his presidency is not only problematic, it’s un-presidential.”

Donald Trump cannot take criticism of any kind whatsoever. He’s so thin-skinned that he may refuse to debate whoever wins the 2020 Democratic nomination just because he cannot stand the thought of not being on his game and viewed as less than the god he imagines himself to be.

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