President Donald Trump added more than a little subtle racism to his Colorado rally rant on Thursday night when he attacked the Academy Awards for naming a foreign film as Best Picture instead of “Gone With The Wind,” which came out in 1939 and romanticizes slavery in the South.

South Korean film “Parasite” took home the Oscar earlier this month after taking the world by storm. The film is about classism and economic inequality, and examines the relationship between a wealthy family and a poor family. It’s a film relevant to our times as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It is the first foreign film to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture.

And so, it was only a matter of time before Trump whined about it to pander to his racist supporters, which he did on Thursday night.

“And the winner is a movie from South Korea,” Trump complained. “What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that they give them best movie of the year?”

Yes, Donald. Because political and economic issues between countries have nothing to do with whether a film deserves recognition or not.

But Trump continued by suggesting that an 80-year-old film that romanticizes racism and slavery during the Civil War should have won instead.

“Can we get like ‘Gone With The Wind’ back please?” he said.

In addition, Trump also took a shot at “wise guy” Brad Pitt, who slammed Senate Republicans during his acceptance speech for barring witness testimony from the impeachment trial.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Asking about getting “Gone With The Wind” back is a racist dog-whistle and Trump knew exactly what he was doing by bringing it up. He bashed the foreign film made by South Koreans and specifically chose a movie revered by his rabid racist supporters to praise.

It’s part of the white supremacist fantasy of how they view slavery and the Civil War, and want nothing more than to take America backward and return to a time when black people were in chains.

And yet, Trump wonders why the African American community hates his guts.


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