Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) suffered his first loss in federal court on Friday when Judge Liam O’Grady dismissed one of his many frivolous lawsuits.

Nunes has filed lawsuits against multiple news outlets, individuals and social media accounts in Virginia, where frivolous lawsuits are somehow allowed, in an effort to silence them for mocking or telling the truth about him.

One of those lawsuits was against Fusion GPS, the group commissioned to put together a dossier on then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 by the DNC after a conservative publication abandoned the opposition research.

Nunes sought nearly $10 million in damages for supposed “active, coordinated and ongoing corruption, fraud and obstruction of justice” that allegedly victimized him as he conducted a witch hunt to protect Trump during the Russian investigation.

But O’Grady, a George W. Bush appointee, saw the lawsuit for the frivolous scam it is, and dismissed it while warning Nunes that he better have more evidence before he files such a lawsuit again.

According to Politico:

Alexandria, Virginia-based U.S. District Court Judge Liam O’Grady’s two-page order made short work of Nunes’ suit, which sought $9.9 million in damages from Fusion GPS, its founder Glenn Simpson and a nonprofit watchdog group, Campaign for Accountability. The judge also signaled that pressing on with the legal battle could result in sanctions against Nunes and his attorney, Steven Biss.

“Defendants raise significant questions and make meritorious arguments as to both the sufficiency of the factual pleadings and the Court’s jurisdiction over these Defendants,” O’Grady wrote in his ruling. “The Amended Complaint includes many rote statements of law and conclusory allegations which fall short of satisfying the pleading standard.”

The standard set by the Supreme Court prevents frivolous lawsuits such as this one from moving forward in the court system. Civil lawsuits should have enough evidence to merit moving forward, but Nunes’ lawsuit clearly did not meet the standard.

And that will likely be the same ruling in all the other frivolous lawsuits he has filed, making this lawsuit the first of several humiliating defeats to come.

Featured Image: Wikimedia