President Donald Trump once again embarrassed himself and the United States on the world stage on Sunday, this time in India when he butchered several words while attempting to impress the crowd by speaking their language, prompting thousands to walk out, leaving a sea of empty seats in their wake.

Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi staged the massive rally in Ahmedabad, a city in the state of Gujarat, in some kind of effort to appeal to Trump’s ego and make it appear that he is loved worldwide.

But while 100,000 Indians packed the Motera cricket stadium to hear Modi speak, they were NOT impressed by Trump enough to stick around for the entirety of his remarks as he stumbled multiple times when he tried to pronounce the names of cities and people, including Ahmedabad. He even insulted the majority Hindu audience by mispronouncing the name of the sacred texts.

At some point, thousands upon thousands could no longer stomach listening to him and lined up at the exits, turning the packed house into a largely empty venue.

According to the BBC:

[Trump] struggled to pronounce several Indian words – from Ahmedabad, the city where he was speaking, to Swami Vivekananda, an Indian philosopher, greatly admired by Mr Modi. He also called the Vedas – ancient Hindu texts – “Vestas”.

He ended his speech by saying, “God bless India, God bless the United States of America – we love you, we love you very much.” He spoke after Mr Modi, and the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan says crowds began leaving mid-way through the US president’s speech.

Here’s the video of the crowd leaving en masse during Trump’s remarks via Twitter:

This is not the reception Trump was hoping for in India. Of course, he’ll pretend everyone loved him and that no one left during his speech. But the world knows the truth thanks to videos like the one above. It also didn’t help that Trump retweeted a doctored video of himself slaughtering brown people just before he traveled to India.

The bottom line is that Trump is loathed around the globe and he embarrasses himself and the United States on the international stage everywhere he goes. This trip was no different.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot