The legendary 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic “Miracle on Ice” hockey team tarnished their own legacy by participating in a photo-op with President Donald Trump complete with wearing MAGA hats, going from beating the Russians to supporting what some call one of their top stooges.

Once considered heroes for defeating the Soviet Union’s hockey team as underdogs, the “Miracle on Ice” team took the stage with Trump at one of his rallies and wore the hat that has become synonymous with hate, division, and racism in many people’s view.

Afterward, the team posted photos of their appearance with Trump.

And then they tried to spin it by claiming their decision to appear with Trump was not about politics even though they wore the MAGA hat.

If they wanted to represent America, they should have worn a different hat or declined to share the stage with a bigoted wannabe dictator who is destroying this country piece by piece while kowtowing to Vladimir Putin.

Needless to say, Twitter users were outraged and the “Miracle on Ice” team found themselves on the receiving end of deep disappointment from longtime fans.

The “Miracle on Ice” team should be ashamed of themselves. They no longer deserve the glory they’ve been basking in over the last 40 years. Appearing with Trump wearing MAGA hats makes them zeroes, not heroes.

Featured Image: Twitter