While he’s in India this week on a state visit, President Donald Trump won’t see any steaks, Big Macs, or Kentucky Fried Chicken on his plate, and that has some White House staffers worried about how the president will react when he’s served vegetarian meals, especially since he almost never includes vegetables as part of his regular diet.

CNN reports that while foreign countries often try to accommodate Trump’s meat-heavy cravings, that won’t be the case in India, where the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is a proud vegetarian:

“The President, whose diet is often a rotation of steaks, burgers and meatloaf, faces a potential shock as he prepares to travel to three Indian cities this week. His trip includes stops in Gujarat state, Agra and Delhi, where Hindus are the majority and cows are revered as sacred. In some neighborhoods, meat eating is so taboo that it’s not done in public.”

While the India trip will only last two days, that could still present a problem for a president who, those who have dined with him say, is known to disdain veggies:

“A person close to the President who has dined with him on several occasions said Trump has salad with a meal every now and then — but other than that, ‘I have never seen him eat a vegetable.'”

Even one of Trump’s favorite fast food restaurants, McDonald’s, refuses to serve beef in India. Instead, chicken burgers and fried cheese sandwiches are the usual fare for Indian diners who drop by the golden arches for a meal.

During state visits to foreign countries, White House staff often includes food they know Trump is fond of, but that won’t help when he participates in state dinners where the menu is set by the host nation:

“When Trump travels abroad, aides pay particular attention to the food he’ll be served and any awkward scenarios he might encounter. A premium has been placed on avoiding snags that would bring the President outside his comfort zone — including, according to one official involved, a mandate that familiar food be available during Trump’s meals.

“‘No whole fish with the heads still on, nothing too spicy,’ is how one person involved in a trip early in Trump’s presidency characterized the instructions for Trump.”

Just imagine how Trump will react when a plate of vegetables is placed before him in India. He’ll probably fire off a nasty tweet or two and set off an international crisis.

Featured Image Via NBC News