Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is finally facing consequences as a result of his desperate scheme to protect President Donald Trump from impeachment after the Florida Bar released a statement confirming an investigation.

Back in October as House impeachment hearings were heating up, Gaetz led a group of GOP lawmakers into a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility where the House Intelligence Committee was conducting business involving classified information, thus committing a violation of official protocol that drew protests, especially by Miami-Dade Democrats.

Gaetz apparently thought he could spy on the hearing for Trump and get away with it.

Miami-Dade Democratic Chairman Steve Simeonidis condemned the action and called for the Florida Bar to investigate and strip Gaetz of his law license.

“Impeachment proceedings are a legal process leading to a trial, and therefore covered by the Florida Bar’s rules of conduct,” Simeonidis said.

Well, it looks like the Florida Bar will investigate Gaetz and his misconduct as a congressman, according to a letter responding to Simeonidis.

“The Florida Bar is aware of the issue you reported and is taking appropriate measures,” the letter said. “A file has been opened.”

Again, Gaetz faces serious consequences if the investigation does not go in his favor. He could lose his law license or be sanctioned depending on what the Florida Bar deems appropriate.

Gaetz stormed a classified hearing in an effort to help Trump beat impeachment, an act of gross misconduct that really should get him censured by the full House or even expelled. Short of that, however, punishment from the Florida Bar would also be appropriate.

The Florida Bar did censure Gaetz in August for threatening Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen in an attempt to intimidate him so he would not testify before Congress, calling his behavior “unprofessional, reckless, insensitive, and demonstrated poor judgment.”

Now they have another reason to drop the hammer on him.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot