President Donald Trump’s public attacks against the jury foreman in the Roger Stone trial is his way of sending an intimidating message to every juror involved in any case involving him. And as MSNBC host Rachel Maddow explained on Monday, that constitutes jury tampering on a national scale.

After Stone and Trump demanded a new trial by accusing the jury foreman of bias because she’s not a Trump fan, Fox News host Tucker Carlson did Trump’s bidding by plastering the juror’s face and social media accounts on the television screen for every rabid conservative viewer to see, thus putting her life in grave danger.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson disagreed with the accusations, praising the jurors for serving “with integrity under difficult circumstances.”

The jury in Stone’s case unanimously convicted him on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and lying the FBI and Congress. One juror alone did not produce that verdict. And you can bet that had the jury delivered a “not guilty” verdict and the jury foreman had been a Trump loyalist, Trump, Stone, and Fox News would ignore the accusations of bias.

But there’s apparently a more sinister scheme afoot because of Trump’s attacks on this juror, as Maddow explained on her show.

“After that conviction, after Roger Stone’s sentencing, the president of the United States is the person who is leading the charge to denigrate that process, to single out individual jurors — including by name — to make them into villains and to try and tear down any respect that any American might have for the legal process if it produced an outcome the president doesn’t like,” she noted.

Trump is clearly trying to intimidate jurors in any case against him to deliver verdicts he likes or face similar attacks that put them and their families in harm’s way.

“And, not incidentally, to intimidate any juror on any future case that might have any impingement on the president’s interests, to make you think twice about how you might want to rule as a juror in a case like that given what happened to those other jurors who got attacked by the president over and over again and wrung-out — wrung-out on conservative media as somehow the real villains in the case, because of the way that jury and because of the fact the president didn’t like it,” she continued. “It’s jury tampering on a mass national scale — personally carried out by the president of the United States.”

“I know there’s a lot going on, but that is a remarkable turn and it has remarkable consequences for cases going forward indefinitely after the president has done this,” Maddow concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This is a serious assault on our justice system that began when Trump complained about the sentencing recommendation in Stone’s case, which resulted in Attorney General Bill Barr intervening and causing federal prosecutors to withdraw from the case in protest. Federal prosecutors across the country are more reluctant to take on cases involving Trump and his friends out of fear that he will retaliate against them.

And now he is trying to intimidate jurors by making them fear he will target them, therefore poisoning every case involving him because jurors won’t be able to do their civic duty. Trump should not only be impeached, but he should also be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what he has done to damage the levers of justice in this nation.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot