President Donald Trump still has the allegiance of QAnon supporters, but their numbers are dwindling and even they admit their craziest conspiracy theories about Democrats are complete “bullsh*t”.

We see them at every Trump rally holding signs and wearing merchandise identifying themselves as belonging to QAnon, a group of rabid Trump supporters who believe the entire Democratic Party is a cabal of pedophiles, that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive, that mass arrests of Democrats is coming soon and several other ridiculous and unfounded theories that are presented online in some of the darkest places on the Internet.

But ever since web forum 8Chan was deactivated, there hasn’t been much QAnon chatter. Q supporters have few places to be fed misinformation and lies, forcing them to get information elsewhere or on their own.

And that may be why many have come to realize that they’ve either been totally duped or they simply no longer accept the most bizarre conspiracy theories as truth.

Such was the case when Mother Jones spoke to some QAnon supporters at Trump rallies this month, including a federal law enforcement officer who outright admitted the conspiracy theory about the Democratic Party being a pedophile cabal and that mass arrests are coming is “bullsh*t”.

According to the Mother Jones report:

I asked what he thought was the appeal of the conspiracy theory. “Jeez,” he said after a pause. “I think there are aspects of all society that’s involved in crazy shit that nobody knows about.” After a few minutes of further probing, he eased up a bit, leaned over, and lowered his voice: “People say, ‘Oh, there’s a pedophile ring.’ That stuff is bullshit. I don’t know if that’s real. What I do know is real is all the politicians—they’re all against Trump.”

Another Q supporter in Minnesota concurred and admitted that he only likes the conspiracies because they are anti-liberal.

“Mass arrests, pedophiles? Nah…that’s just gossip,” Jonas Williams, a 46-year-old merchandise vendor, told me. While Williams said he was a QAnon supporter, he wasn’t selling any Q gear. He shied away from the more bizarre details, saying he just appreciated the corruption fighting and anti-liberal sentiment pushed by the conspiracy.

And that’s the way most conversations with Q supporters went down.

Many Trump supporters, merch vendors, and others I spoke with would empathetically endorse Q at the start of conversations but back down when probed on its most paranoid conspiratorial details. In this way, QAnon persists but for many is no longer firmly attached to the original insane, detailed conspiracy.

This whole QAnon thing began with a guy claiming to be some top level government employee who supposedly had information on the “Deep State” and claimed everyone in it is out to take down Trump. Thus far, the person has not released any actual evidence of his claims. Most likely, this person is a 300 pound guy living in his mom’s basement looking for attention. Trump supporters were ripe for the picking. Even Trump himself bought it hook, line and sinker, and has used the conspiracies ever since to attack Democrats.

As usual, when it comes to Trump and his supporters, “bullsh*t” is the only word to describe their beliefs and claims.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot