President Donald Trump whined on Tuesday night that he’s not getting high praise for the supposedly “great job” he’s doing handling the coronavirus.

The virus has killed thousands and has infected tens of thousands so far in China, and has spread to other parts of the world, including the United States.

So far, over 30 Americans have been infected with the virus and the stock market has suffered two massive drops over the last two days that have wiped out all gains made in 2020 and then some. Experts also warn that it’s only a matter of time before the virus starts snowballing in this country.

Yet Trump thinks he’s doing a “great job” and that he should get credit.

First of all, when 14 Americans contracted the virus aboard a cruise ship in Japan, Trump ignored objections from the CDC and flew them back here on a plane full of healthy people instead of on a private plane, thus risking the virus spreading to others.

Trump has also dubiously claimed that scientists are “close” to developing a vaccine even though health experts testified to Congress that a vaccine is actually a year or more away. That means Trump made the virus seem less of a threat than it actually is, which could result in Americans contracting it because they are not taking it seriously.

In addition, Trump asked for less money from Congress than he should have to fight the pandemic. And he has caused mass confusion.

In no way has he done a “great job” handling coronavirus, and patting himself on the back now will likely backfire as the virus spreads. Spiking the football before the game is over is not the proper way a leader should handle matters of life and death. Besides, even the White House knows that Trump hasn’t done a “great job” because they are freaking out that it could hurt his re-election chances.

It should also be pointed out that it’s the scientists and health care professionals who are on the front lines fighting this virus. Trump would be too frightened to get anywhere near it.

Until this outbreak is totally shut down, Trump should stop talking and start taking it more seriously.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot