Rather than spend the next day after a major news conference in which he claimed to be working hard to protect the United States from the coronavirus actually combating the outbreak, President Donald Trump spent Thursday with some of his most sycophantic supporters.

It was, frankly, one of the most disgusting displays ever assembled in the White House when Trump invited right-wing trolls such as Diamond and Silk and Candace Owens among many others for a meeting in the room where the president usually holds Cabinet discussions.

Apparently, Trump’s way of recognizing Black History Month is to invite black supporters to lavish him with praise while attacking former President Barack Obama, the first black president in American history.

Indeed, Obama would not have invited such trash to the White House. Owens herself has tried to legitimize Hitler while Diamond and Silk are shameless hucksters who spread Trump’s lies.

But the most insulting praise came from former NFL safety Jack Brewer, who literally called Trump the first black president.

Again, Obama is the first black president. But Trump certainly appreciated his guest’s attempt to erase him from history.

Adding further embarrassment to the day, Trump bragged about his response to the coronavirus thus far even though it’s been a complete disaster as he contradicts health experts and moves to silence them so he can continue misleading the American people. The stock market has also suffered record losses for four straight days due to fears of a pandemic from the coronavirus. Trump once again blamed Democrats and the media for the losses instead of taking responsibility.

At a reception afterwards, Trump then attacked NBC reporter Hallie Jackson for stepping out for a moment after forcing the assembled journalist to stand and wait for him for 90 minutes. Jackson, it should be noted, is nearly nine months pregnant.

Trump had also spent 45 minutes inside the Oval Office with the producers behind a right-wing play.

The only thing Trump did about coronavirus on Thursday is whine about it and blame others for his failures. That’s not leadership.


Featured Image: Twitter