During a rally Friday evening in South Carolina, President Donald Trump pledged that he would “do everything” he could to destroy the company that owns NBC and MSNBC, telling supporters:

“And Comcast that spends millions and millions on their image, I’ll do everything I can to destroy their image.”

It should be noted that Comcast employs 184,000 people and is the single-largest TV company and home internet provider in the United States.

The president’s remarks on Friday were just the latest attack on Comcast.

Two days earlier, Trump also tried to suggest that Comcast and MSNBC (which he referred to as MSDNC) was to blame for sending financial markets into free fall by reporting about coronavirus:

In response to Trump’s Comcast hissy fit, social media reminded the president that as head of state, he’s responsible for decisions which impact Americans and their health, not a company:

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