President Donald Trump is freaking out so much about how his botched response to the coronavirus is playing in the polls that he actually tweeted out an old poll from several weeks ago insisting that Americans are confident in him.

Trump’s response to the outbreak has been pathetic thus far. As the stock market nose-dived last week due to fears that the virus won’t be contained, Trump held an embarrassing press conference in which he put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of handling the response. But all Pence did is move to silence health officials so Trump could continue misleading Americans without anyone contradicting his lies. Trump has repeatedly insisted that he has everything under control and that the outbreak is contained.

But those claims blew up in his face as the number of Americans who have contracted the virus doubled and one actually died.

After this disastrous time period, the polls will likely show that Americans are not too thrilled with how Trump is handling the government’s response.

And so, Trump panicked on Sunday and again on Monday when he tweeted about a poll that supposedly shows that Americans are overwhelmingly confident in him.

Trump also attacked the media as the “enemy of the people” again.

The problem is that no such poll exists in the New York Post. It’s a Gallup poll taken the first week of February before the stock market took record losses and before Trump’s two inept news conferences. A recent Morning Consult poll, on the other hand, shows that only 56 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the outbreak, and that’s a poll taken at the beginning of last week on February 24-26 as the crisis really began to affect the stock market and before Trump’s news conferences on Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon.

The number of Americans who say that the government needs to do more to respond to the outbreak rose by 12 points in the same poll.

Clearly, Trump’s approval when it comes to his handling of the outbreak is dropping and will likely drop further. But posting an old poll designed to mislead only makes the situation worse because if Trump is willing to mislead in this way to make himself look good, it’s pretty clear he would mislead the public about coronavirus to make it seem like everything is fine when it’s not.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot