President Donald Trump, a notorious germaphobe, knocked former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday night for licking his fingers after eating some food, only to be obliterated by Twitter for hypocrisy.

Super Tuesday came and went, and that means Trump had to attack losing Democratic primary candidates to rub it in. And as the country continues to deal with a growing coronavirus outbreak, Trump took particular aim at Bloomberg for doing something rather unsanitary channeling his germaphobe side.

It’s true that Bloomberg really should not be licking his fingers and touching other objects. Of course, he didn’t touch other food after he licked his fingers. But the point is that it’s still unsanitary and not a good idea in the current climate.

However, the fact that Trump dinged Bloomberg for being unsanitary provoked quite a backlash as Twitter users threw Trump’s hypocrisy in his face.

In addition, Trump also attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who lost in her home state.

It should be pointed out that germaphobe Trump lost his home state of New York by a landslide to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

So, Trump really has no room to talk in either case and should have just gone to bed to avoid humiliating himself.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot