President Donald Trump demanded the arrest of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday for criticizing his two Supreme Court Justices, thus taking yet another dangerous step in the undermining of our Constitution and democracy.

The high court is hearing what could end up becoming the ruling that guts Roe v, Wade, the 1973 case that has protected a woman’s right to choose an abortion for nearly 50 years now. Knowing that Trump has two lackeys on the bench by the names of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh who are just itching to give conservatives the roll back of women’s rights they’ve always wanted, Schumer warned both that they will end up paying a price if abortion rights are taken away.

But while Schumer clearly meant that public trust in the Supreme Court would further erode and the Republican Party would suffer losses in elections to come, some conservatives— including Trump— are accusing him of threatening the Justices.

Trump even went so far as to demand Schumer be arrested and/or impeached.

Of course, Schumer committed no crime, nor can he be impeached. But Trump is clearly a hypocrite because he just demanded two liberal Justices recuse themselves from all cases involving him a mere nine days ago in an attack that has been roundly condemned.

Furthermore, Trump is the last person who should be accusing anyone of having a lack of civility. After all, he spent all day Wednesday belittling Democratic candidates and has been retaliating against anyone who criticizes him or who he deems not loyal to him and only him. Trump has also repeatedly attacked judges who rule against him and his administration.

If anyone should be impeached and removed from office and prosecuted for committing crimes, it’s Trump. Unlike Schumer, he can be and has been impeached. The only reason Trump hasn’t been removed from office is because Senate Republicans care more about protecting him than they do about the rule of law.

Demanding the arrest of a political opponent for exercising free speech is what dictators do, and Trump perfectly demonstrated his desire to be a dictator by doing exactly that.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot