Rep. Ken Buck (R-Co.) sparked outrage on Friday when he posted a video of himself on Twitter threatening to shoot former Vice President Joe Biden and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) over their support of gun control measures.

In the wake of a long list of mass shootings across the nation, several of which have occurred in Texas, in recent years, Biden has become the top choice for the Democratic nomination by advocates of stronger gun laws.

Obviously, Republicans and the National Rifle Association are throwing tantrums about it. But Buck took things way too far suggesting he would use his AR-15 to murder the two Democrats if they try to take his assault weapon away.

Keep in mind that Buck is a sitting congressman and that Republicans are constantly accusing Democrats of lacking civility.

Threatening to shoot Democrats while posing next to an AR-15 in your office makes it pretty clear who is really being uncivil.

Twitter users reacted in horror and also showered Buck with mockery.

Clearly, Buck’s threat is behavior unbecoming a man in his position, and he should be censured or expelled. No doubt, he just incited gun violence against Biden, O’Rourke and any other Democrat who supports stronger gun laws to reduce gun violence. And any blood that results will not only be on his hands, but on the hands of every Republican.

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