President Donald Trump said Friday that sexism had absolutely nothing to do with the poor showing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the Democratic primaries and suggested the reason she didn’t go better was because she was “mean.”

Speaking to reporters as he signed an $8.3 billion spending bill to combat coronavirus in the United States, the president remarked:

“I think lack of talent was her problem. She had a tremendous lack of talent. She was a good debater. She destroyed Mike Bloomberg very quickly like it was nothing. That was easy for her but people don’t like her.”

Politico reports that Trump then added he thought Warren was too mean to connect with voters:

“But Trump then employed language likely to strike Warren’s defenders as an example of the very gender-coded criticism her male opponents have not faced.

“’She is a very mean person and people don’t like her. People don’t want that,’ the president argued.

“Trump then claimed that ‘people like a person like me, who is not mean.’ It was not clear whether he was joking.”

When she was asked Thursday about sexism playing a role in the primaries, Warren seemed reluctant to place all the blame on the issue:

“If you say, ‘Yeah, there was sexism in this race,’ everyone says ‘whiner. And if you say, ‘No, there was no sexism,’ about a bazillion women think, ‘What planet do you live on?'”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump cannot see sexism in society or the political world. After all, this is a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, accused women of being “killers,” and regularly makes disgusting comments about strong women in the political world who dare to oppose or disagree with him.

Ironically, Trump is going to need women voters if he wants to win a second term in office, and polling data shows the vast majority of female voters will vote for anyone but this president, meaning they’ll have the last laugh on him.

Featured Image Via NBC News