Amidst the sea of news this week — the Super Tuesday primaries, stock market woes, and the continued spread of coronavirus around the world — you may have missed what one supporter of President Donald Trump said regarding the global pandemic which threatens to infect millions and plunge the U.S. into a recession.

NBC News reporter Monica Alba spoke with some of the Trump faithful outside a rally he held in Charlotte, North Carolina, Monday evening, and a staggering number of them said they aren’t the least bit worried about the coronavirus, which has so far struck 100,000 and killed more than 3,000.

One Trump acolyte even went so far as to declare that she doesn’t believe the virus is real, when she was asked by Alba:

“You don’t believe coronavirus exists?”

The woman responded:

“I don’t.”

Alba then inquired:

“So the two people who have been reported to have died from it in Washington state, you don’t trust that that’s true?”

Response from the woman wearing a Trump cap:

“I don’t trust anything the Democrats do.”

HuffPost notes that Trump himself has been stoking such sentiments with remarks he’s made suggesting that coronavirus isn’t real:

“During a South Carolina rally over the weekend, Trump told the crowd: ‘Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. They have no clue, they can’t even count their votes in Iowa.’ He likened Democrats’ criticism to his impeachment, saying ‘this is their new hoax.'”

So since the virus doesn’t even exist, if Trump supporters happen to contract the illness, will they refuse to go to the doctor or hospital when they go into respiratory failure? After all, if coronavirus is a “hoax,” there’s no way you can possibly be at risk from it.

As one Twitter user observed, the Trump faithful are eliminating themselves from the gene pool:

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