President Donald Trump visited the devastated region of Nashville that had been struck by a tornado this week, only to become excited by the story of a little boy who survived the storm. And then he awkwardly learned that the boy lost his entire family.

Tornadoes touched down and killed 25 people on Tuesday as they ripped through Nashville, Tennessee. An EF-3 tornado destroyed dozens of structures, including many homes, and knocked out power for over 50,000.

Miraculously, an 8-year-old boy survived after being sucked into the air by the tornado and set down safely a few blocks away.

During his visit to review the destruction on Friday, Trump focused on that story and talked about it as if it were a highlight to brag about.

“There was one case though, I heard, a young man, an 8-year-old boy was ripped out, flown to a certain area, and dropped off at the street, two or three blocks away,” Trump said. “And they found him walking. And he said, ‘I just flew in the air.’ And he was walking down the street on his own. And how did his parents do?”

Yeah, the question at the end put a damper on the story because Trump had to be awkwardly informed that the boy’s parents and sister were tragically killed by the tornado, meaning this poor child did not come out of the storm unscathed at all. Trump could not even muster up any emotion or sympathy for the child. Instead, he ignored the tragic news as if he hadn’t heard it at all.

Twitter users were very upset about Trump’s inappropriate behavior.

The news out of Nashville is tragic, and the people there deserved better than a president who only cares about himself.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot