President Donald Trump continued to lie about coronavirus and blame the Democrats and media for the growing panic and his administration’s failed response to the outbreak, insisting there is little risk to the American public.

Trump even quoted his Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, in the tweet he posted on Monday morning.

Trump literally just quoted someone who laughably claimed on national television Sunday that Trump is healthier than him.

But the lie that coronavirus poses little risk to the public is a complete sham. In just a week, the number of cases in the United States has soared past 500 and 22 have died. The United States has the highest mortality rate from the virus right now and it’s so contagious that even CPAC attendees contracted it prior to the event and may have spread it among others at the event, including to top Republicans and Trump himself.

Meanwhile, markets around the world are tanking, and the Dow Jones Futures dropped 1,000 points overnight and oil prices fell.

Not only does the outbreak threaten public health, but it’s also threatening our financial health as well.

Twitter users were not buying Trump’s bullsh*t.

This recklessness should be enough for Senate Republicans to start calling for Trump to be ousted, which they had the chance to do once before already. They could have spared the United States this irresponsible response to a crisis, but they didn’t. And that means they deserve just as much blame for the coronavirus pandemic as Trump does. People need to take this virus seriously, but Trump supporters won’t and that makes it easier for the virus to spread.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot