President Donald Trump isn’t above trotting out his doctors to brag about his health, and this time it was Surgeon General Jerome Adams who did the a** kissing.

Back in 2018, White House physician Ronny Jackson went in front of the press and tried to sell them the bullsh*t lie that Trump is in excellent health. Of course, nobody bought it, but Trump was so pleased that he offered Jackson the chance to head up the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Well, it looks like Adams is angling for a reward as well because he claimed that Trump, a 73-year-old obese man with clear cognitive issues who lives on fast-food, is somehow “healthier” than him.

“The president, he sleeps less than I do and he’s healthier than I am,” Adams told Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Adams is 45-years-old and looks very healthy. Trump, on the other hand, looks like hell all the time.

Twitter users certainly weren’t buying the bullsh*t, and they called Adams out.

Trump is not in good health. And the fact that he has been delaying the completion of his physical since November proves it. No one in good health would hide their physical from the public. Instead, Trump is sending out people like Adams to do his bidding by telling the American people only what he wants them to hear. If Trump is really in great health, let him prove it by getting a physical from an independent physician. Because his word or the word of his sycophants just won’t going to cut it.

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