Even though coronavirus is tanking the stock market, killing dozens and infecting thousands of others across the United States, a Fox News guest said Thursday that we should all be thankful President Donald Trump has made the nation “healthy enough” to withstand the pandemic.

During a segment on “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy remarked that while the virus has infected at least 1,000 Americans so far, most of them are expected to recover, which led right-wing radio host Tammy Bruce to exclaim:

“There are stories of people who recovered, including the Washington Post story actually, like a week or two ago, a guy saying, ‘That wasn’t too bad — I drank three bottles of Gatorade every day.’ For some people it’s a bit more serious, but the stories of recovery and even those what we’re going to find out with the test, mild symptoms, sometimes no symptoms, give us a sense of what the spectrum is like with every virus, and like with the country.”

Really? Well, that’s sure to make relatives of those who have already died or are in the hospital with coronavirus infections feel lots better, huh? No big deal! One guy drank some Gatorade and he’s fine.

But it was what Bruce said next that’s most galling. She simply couldn’t resist an opportunity to praise Dear Leader Trump:

“Your health matters, and thinking about things like high blood pressure, if you have diabetes, if you’re slightly overweight, why it matters to try to get healthy not just for having the good life now but when there’s something surprising that strikes you, and the country can be seen as that organic dynamic, and the president’s gotten the country healthy, healthy enough to withstand this and even lead the way to overcome it.”

Let’s see: The Trump administration is trying to kill the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in court and has already started chipping away at both Medicare and Medicaid in an attempt to divert funds from healthcare to the massive hole caused by their tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. But this president has gotten the country healthy?

Hard to tell who’s more full of crap: Donald Trump or his shameless cheerleaders at Trump TV.

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