As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps across the nation, House Democrats put forward a bill designed to help the most vulnerable and give them the care they need to beat the virus. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rejected it on Thursday.

The legislation makes sure everyone who needs a test gets one, and strengthens the safety net so that fewer Americans slip through the cracks by mandating that any aid goes to those who need it most. The bill features paid emergency medical leave so that sick people can stay home instead of going to work without missing a paycheck, provides food assistance and unemployment insurance to those who lose their jobs during the crisis and provides aid to healthcare workers who are overloaded at this time.

It’s an emergency aid package that should be passed immediately. Instead of doing so, however, McConnell took to Twitter to inform the American people that he’s not going to bring it up for a vote.

In fact, every piece of the bill relates to the coronavirus and responding to it effectively, something the Trump administration and Republicans have been unable or unwilling to do.

At least 1,200 cases have been confirmed in the United States and over 35 people have died. Events are being canceled and the stock market is nosediving, yet Republicans continue to refuse to do anything about it. And now the public must wait 11 more days until the Senate reconvenes.

Twitter users were understandably outraged.

Make no mistake, people are going to die because McConnell refused to pass this bill. That makes him a true grim reaper.


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