While President Donald Trump repeatedly tells the American people that his administration has the coronavirus pandemic under control in the United States, it seems Trump himself is more than a little bit worried about his own health, according to a report from CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

According to Acosta, Trump is terrified that he may have contracted the virus, but has yet to take a test that would tell him one way or the other:

“President Trump is calling for calm as fears are growing over the coronavirus. The White House is brushing off concerns the president needs to be tested for the coronavirus, despite his coming into contact with a Brazilian official who came back positive for the virus. The president told reporters today he’s not concerned, but a source close to the president tells me Mr. Trump is, indeed, concerned he may contract the coronavirus after interacting with people who have tested positive.”


It’s a well-known fact that Trump is a germophobe, so the outbreak of a contagious disease and his close proximity to people who have tested positive for coronavirus must have him in a state of shock.

Shouldn’t the leader of the most powerful country in the world be tested? Does Trump think that he if doesn’t know one way the other he can somehow forestall the advance of the disease in his own body?

Several people who attended the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) late last month came into contact with an attendee who has tested positive for coronavirus. Most of those people have agreed to self-quarantine until it can be determined if they have contracted the disease. But not Trump.

Instead of being tested and being fully informed, Trump decided to try and blame his predecessor for the current outbreak:

Later today, the president will probably try to blame Hillary Clinton, too. He’s so predictable when he’s afraid.

Featured Image Via NBC News