President Donald Trump hypocritically tried to pass the buck again on Sunday when he tried to suggest that states are not being responsible enough for handling the coronavirus by saying they should be testing more people even though he was the one who failed to get them the tests in the first place.

From the start, Trump failed to make sure that tests were available, preferring to call the pandemic a “hoax” instead of doing his job to make sure hospitals had the resources they needed.

Trump has even laughably claimed that he isn’t responsible for his administration’s pathetic response.

And now he is demanding states step up coronavirus testing as if he is implying that the states are at fault and not him.

First, it’s testing “sites”, not “sights”. Also, Trump is the one who didn’t get states the tests they needed to begin with, and Twitter users reminded of that fact and then some.

If Trump wants someone to blame, he can look in the mirror. He knew about this pandemic in advance and refused to take action when he had a chance to make our country the most prepared on Earth. Now the number of cases here is approaching 4,000 and 60 have died. The number is likely even higher because we can’t test everyone because of Trump’s incompetence. This is all on him. And if he won’t take responsibility, he should resign.

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