President Donald Trump sunk to a new low this week by trying to offer a $1 billion bribe to a German company to develop a coronavirus vaccine exclusively for the United States.

As a result of his poor response to the outbreak, there are now nearly 4,000 cases in the United States and nearly 70 deaths, with far more cases likely going unconfirmed because of a lack of coronavirus testing. Trump’s response is so bad, in fact, that Americans are panicking and the economy has plunged, thus threatening his chances at re-election in November.

And so, Trump is desperately trying to pressure the Centers for Disease Control and Big Pharma companies into developing a vaccine, which is still 12-18 months away.

But a German company is apparently making swift progress on a vaccine, so Trump decided to offer the company a massive bribe to develop the vaccine here and only for the United States despite the need for a vaccine around the globe.

According to CNBC:

German government sources told Reuters on Sunday that the U.S. administration was looking into how it could gain access to a potential vaccine being developed by a German firm, CureVac.

Earlier, the Welt am Sonntag German newspaper reported that U.S. President Donald Trump had offered funds to lure CureVac to the United States, and the German government was making counter-offers to tempt it to stay.

Welt am Sonntag quoted an unidentified German government source as saying Trump was trying to secure the scientists’ work exclusively, and would do anything to get a vaccine for the United States, “but only for the United States.”

Should the company succeed in developing the vaccine, it could offer it at low cost, which would not benefit Trump’s greed at all. In all likelihood, he wants to lure the company over here so that America’s for-profit pharmaceutical sector could price-gouge sick Americans and Trump could profit by investing in the company himself or see some other kind of return for using taxpayer dollars to buy the exclusive rights to the vaccine. It really is the kind of sinister scheme that one would see from a supervillain in a movie.

And Twitter users were outraged.

Now is not the time for greed and profit. The world needs this vaccine and it should be available at low or no cost to everyone. By interfering, Trump is only delaying the development of the vaccine and making the crisis worse.

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