Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined the debate over moves being taken by the federal government to stem the tide of coronavirus cases, but all he succeeded in doing was being humiliated on social media when he proved that even the most serious of statements can turn embarrassing if you don’t bother to check your spelling before you post a tweet.

Addressing rumors that the government was preparing to impose even stricter controls on what all of us can do during the pandemic which is sweeping the globe, Rubio posted this admonition to anyone who thought it was a good time to engage in speculation or spread rumors:

Marshall law? Really, Marco?

A few hours later, Rubio apologized for his mistake, but he only managed to complicate the situation when he again flubbed spelling of the word he had mangled earlier:

Isn’t “marital” law something to do with getting married?

For his troubles, Rubio was endlessly mocked on social media:

Featured Image Via NBC News