In his continued to desperation to remain in office, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) stepped up his attacks on Democrats and the media on Wednesday by spreading more conspiracy theories about coronavirus.

Nunes has been spreading misinformation ever since the pandemic began, with his most recent recklessness coming during a Fox News appearance in which he urged Americans to go to restaurants against the advice and warnings of health officials. Even President Donald Trump has admitted that it’s not a good idea.

Now Nunes is busy trying to blame the media for the pandemic and the nationwide panic all while alleging that the media works for the Democratic Party.

He made the remarks during a radio interview on Fresno’s KMJNOW.

“The media is absolutely responsible for this,” Nunes claimed. “90 percent of them are working for the Democrats, working for the left. They’re doing dangerous things in this country by whipping everyone up in this panic. There’s no reason to be in this panic,”

Of course, the reason for the panic is because Trump lulled the nation into a false sense of security by calling the virus a “Democratic hoax” and shrugging it off as no big deal. Our country was then caught unprepared when the virus appeared here. Now hospitals are overwhelmed and the stock market took a nosedive, all because Trump silenced health officials and refused to be transparent about the threat the virus posed.

Nunes should be ashamed of himself for continuing to tell lies about this virus and he shouldn’t be allowed on the airwaves to spread baseless conspiracies. Because all he is doing is making this crisis worse by trying to divide Americans further.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot