Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) pissed off Twitter users on Friday by whining about criticism of President Donald Trump over his rebranding of coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” only to get reamed in response.

Trump has been calling coronavirus “Chinese virus” in an effort to distract the public with a racist dog-whistle that he somehow hopes will make everyone forget that his reckless response to the pandemic allowed the virus to sweep the country and crash our economy.

Trump’s racist insult has drawn outrage because while the virus may have originated from China, the Chinese people are not at fault for it. Yet, his rhetoric has resulted in racism and violence against Asian people, compounding the crisis.

Rather than shame Trump, Rubio is defending him by attacking the critics.

Unfortunately, that was a bad call by Rubio, who swiftly suffered the wrath of social media.

Rubio should have grown a spine and challenged Trump’s racism. Apparently, however, he’s so pathetic that he would rather be ridiculed and mocked as a punchline. That’s his legacy.

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