Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee revealed that violent deaths among Americans increase during Republican presidencies in a study spanning over a century.

Starting in 1900 and ending in 2010, Lee looked at both Democratic and Republican presidencies. There were 12 Republican presidents over that length of time and during each of their tenures violent deaths rose, while decreasing under Democratic administrations.

Lee also provided handy graphs showing the rise and fall of violent deaths over the course of Republican and Democratic presidencies. The results are truly startling and damning.

Even Lee was shocked.

And it’s likely that violent deaths have exploded under Trump’s watch and could get even worse as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the nation and the threat of more conflicts overseas remains high because of Trump’s desperate obsession with Iran and North Korea.

Americans should take this study seriously and understand who is killing them, and it is NOT the Democrats. Remember that next time you step into the voting booth.

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