President Donald Trump says his administration is supporting hospitals during this chaotic pandemic, but one nurse is calling bullsh*t because his administration is apparently treating hospital employees like pawns.

Over 30,000 Americans have contracted the virus and at least 400 have died, yet Trump and his so-called “response task-force” are still fumbling the response to the pandemic. They’ve certainly been talking it up like they have everything under control. But that’s clearly not the case.

Furthermore, while Trump claims he supports hospitals and the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines risking their own health and lives fighting the virus, National Nurses United head Jean Ross called him out for lying on Sunday during an interview on MSNBC.

“[I]t is actually quite scary,” Ross said of the situation her fellow nurses are finding themselves in right now. “We’re being told by everyone from the White House to our employers to the CDC how valuable we are and how necessary, but actions speak and we are being treated as if we’re expendable.”

“[W]e asked repeatedly, we are begging, we’re demanding the right and proper protective equipment, the PPE, we just did another national survey of our nurses as of March 20th — 55 percent still don’t have access to N95 respirators on their unit and 27 percent have access to the powered air-purifying respirators,” she continued. “We are told that places are conserving because there is not enough and we know that will likely come to a head but right now we’re not at that point — so where is the equipment?”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Indeed, Trump and his task-force have failed to get hospitals the necessary medical supplies they need to battle the pandemic. When he had a chance to prepare the medical community, Trump called the virus a “hoax” instead and insisted that he had everything under control. But the fact is that he has been nothing but talk this entire time as he makes every press conference about himself and his fragile ego.

And people are dying because Trump is unfit to lead and he refuses to step aside and let health officials take control. If we had a real president, doctors and nurses would have had everything they needed by now and maybe this pandemic would not be nearly as catastrophic as it is now or is going to be in the weeks and months ahead.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot