President Donald Trump thought he could persuade Senate Democrats to help pass a coronavirus relief package that includes a $500 billion slush fund for corporations by promising that he’ll be the one in charge of oversight.

Trump has already been busted running a fake charity and a fake university, both of which turned out to be scams t enrich himself and his family. He’s also an alleged tax cheat.

But he wants everyone to believe that he can be trusted to be in charge of a $500 billion slush fund, even though he can’t even be trusted to respond properly to a crisis.


Senate Republicans added the slush fund as the centerpiece of a relief package that does little to nothing for ordinary Americans all for the sake of Wall Street and making the rich richer as the coronavirus pandemic rips through communities across the country.

The virus has infected over 40,000 and killed over 500, 100 of whom died in a single day.

It has also crashed the economy, hurting millions of Americans who are already financially struggling.

That’s why Democrats blocked the bill multiple times on Monday, because handing a $500 billion gift to corporations with zero accountability and oversight is unacceptable and does nothing to help those who really need the money.

Trump, however, promised during his press conference that he would “be the oversight.”

“Look, I’ll be the oversight. I’ll be the oversight,” he said.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

This, for obvious reasons, is a very bad idea. Trump is simply not trustworthy. Putting him in charge of such a large amount of money allows him to be in the perfect position to steal a lot of it for himself and his own businesses. He could also dole it out to family members and buddies.

Taxpayer dollars should not be his personal piggy bank, nor a piggy bank for the wealthy and corporations. If anyone should get that money right now, it’s the American people on Main Street USA who have been hammered by greedy capitalist policies for decades.

Trump just made it clear that Senate Democrats should continue blocking this bill until the slush fund is either removed or redirected to the people who need it most with real oversight and transparency.

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