As he so often does when he’s asked a question about his finances, President Donald Trump got very defensive on Sunday and insisted that he’s losing “billions” by being president.

During the daily coronavirus press briefing, a reporter referenced several congressional Republicans who allegedly dumped stock after learning about the pandemic. The question to Trump was simple and straightforward: Did you or anyone in your family sell any stock during the outbreak?

A defensive Trump responded:

“That’s a nasty question. It’s a nasty question but I guess it deserved to be asked.”

And then there was this exchange, which was noted by Yamiche Alcindor of PBS NewsHour:

Here’s the video:

Kind of testy, aren’t you, Donald?

Since the president has yet to release his taxes or reveal any details about his business holdings, many on Twitter speculated that Trump is hiding something and is afraid we’ll find out that he’s making a mint while he’s in office and living off our tax dollars:

If Trump is really losing so much money, there’s a simple solution: He can write out a letter of resignation and go back to running his business. Better that he bankrupt himself than the entire country.

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