Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who has been a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump on almost all of his policies, made it clear Tuesday that she doesn’t think the president should call for a precipitous end to the policy of social distancing too soon, as he has hinted he will do when the current 15-day period comes to an end next Monday, March 30.

On Twitter, Cheney noted that the U.S. economy and healthcare system will grid to a screeching halt if hospitals are overwhelmed with people who are sick with coronavirus:

But from the reaction Cheney’s tweet received from the MAGA minions on social media, you’d have thought she’d just suggested that Trump be impeached again. Take a look at some of what the Trump faithful had to say:

No need to be alarmed, everyone. Dr. Donald has decided he can protect us all by making us go confront the virus face to face.

Here’s a better idea: Let Trump be the national guinea pig. Let him visit coronavirus patients in hospitals across the country without wearing any personal protective gear. Then we can talk about the rest of us venturing back out.

Featured Image Via Fox News