Fox News analyst Brit Hume kicked a hornet’s nest on Tuesday night when he agreed that letting Americans die to save Wall Street is a “reasonable viewpoint” as President Donald Trump says he intends to end the social distancing campaign and send people back to work.

The coronavirus pandemic has already infected over 50,000 Americans and has killed nearly 800, but Republicans are more worried about the stock market than they are about the public health.

That was made clear by Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on Monday when he said senior citizens, who are the most at risk of dying from the virus, should be willing to die for the sake of the Dow Jones. And that would certainly happen if Trump is allowed to send Americans back to work because the virus would only spread further.

Outrage over the remarks have ensued ever since, with millions rejecting the idea that they should sacrifice themselves or their loved ones so that the stock market can keep making rich people richer.

But Hume actually had the gall to agree with Patrick during a Fox News appearance with Tucker Carlson in which he called the idea of sacrificing American lives a “reasonable viewpoint.”


Here’s the video via Twitter:

Aren’t conservatives supposed to be “pro-life” or something? Because this is NOT even remotely close to to being a pro-life statement. It also smacks of death panels, the very same that conservatives hysterically claimed were part of Obamacare. Those accusations were false then, but Republicans are advocating for real death panels now, and it’s the elderly and immuno-compromised who they are sentencing to death so Wall Street can stay wealthy.

It’s absolutely sickening, and it’s why Americans should vote for Democrats in November. Because while Democrats have worked tirelessly for seniors and the sick, Republicans are literally okay with killing them to benefit their stock portfolios.

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