President Donald Trump’s early response to the coronavirus pandemic was so bad that the Trump campaign is now desperately threatening to sue a group that released an ad featuring those very same statements from being seen by the public.

Priorities USA put together the ad featuring Trump calling the pandemic a “hoax.”

Trump also says that he has the virus “under control” and that it will disappear like a “miracle,” all as a count of the number of cases from the end of January to the present day goes from a few to thousands in a startling escalation while Trump declares at the end he takes no responsibility for the crisis.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Well, Trump’s campaign doesn’t like the very damning ad. So, they have sent a cease and desist order to Priorities USA and is threatening legal action if they don’t pull it from the airwaves.

Again, the ad uses Trump’s own words against him, so it’s not like the courts would side with the Trump campaign. After all, the ad is accurate. No matter how much Trump wants to pretend he didn’t screw up the response to the crisis, his words are forever on video.

Priorities USA communications director Josh Schwerin fired back on Twitter by urging social media users to spread the ad like wildfire.

It looks like Trump’s bullying and desire to bury the ad has only served to turn it into essential viewing, resulting in a viral ad that will hang around his neck all the way to Election Day and beyond.

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