President Donald Trump attacked the media in a tweet that backfired on Wednesday when he pretty much admitted that his obsession with opening up the country for business is about the election.

This coronavirus pandemic is a serious health crisis. It has already infected over 65,000 Americans and the death toll has soared to nearly 1,000.

Nevertheless, Trump is still talking about reopening the country and “packing churches” on Easter Sunday even though we have not even seen the worst of this pandemic yet, which is only as bad as it is right now because Trump botched the response to it early on.

Yet, he is accusing the media of wanting the country shut down because he admits it’s hurting his re-election chances.

Twitter users buried him in shame and ridicule for thinking about his re-election instead of the public well-being.

Only a deranged individual would think about themselves and their own power at a time like this. If anything, Trump once again demonstrated that he’s unfit to lead, especially since a real leader would be working their a** off to protect the American people instead of sitting on their a** tweeting.

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