President Donald Trump is clearly using coronavirus press conferences as campaign rallies, spreading misinformation and lies and spouting political attacks every chance he gets instead of providing crucial information Americans need. And the outcry has resulted in some networks deciding to cover them differently.

Every press conference has gotten increasingly worse day after day as Trump desperately spews propaganda insisting that he took the pandemic seriously from the start and is doing everything possible to stop it. Both claims are complete lies and he has even gone into snake-oil salesman mode by touting drugs that haven’t been properly evaluated yet as cures.

Trump has also tried to blame former President Obama and snipes at former Vice President Joe Biden, turning the conferences into political rallies.

It’s disgraceful, and Americans want the news networks to stop airing them.

These conferences are supposed to be informative, but Trump is treating them like rallies as he pretends to be impressively fighting the pandemic even though his response has been a total failure and he has left the responsibility of handling it to the states.

And it appears at least CNN and MSNBC are leaning toward pulling back on the coverage in a specific way.

According to The Daily Beast:

Going forward, they said, they will be ready to cut away from the briefings when newsworthy facts and figures—usually shared by federal public-health officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci—give way to unsupported presidential speculation and outright falsehoods.

In other words, when Trump appears at the lectern, the moment he starts lying and spewing propaganda the networks will just cut away, and will return covering when the health officials are speaking.

Frankly, that’s what should have been happening from the start.

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