President Donald Trump continued to ignore the coronavirus death toll in America and the fact that our country has surpassed China as the nation with the most cases of the virus so that he could tout oil and gas industry profit instead and promise them more.

With over 85,000 cases and nearly 1,300 deaths, the United States is now the most infected nation in the world only weeks after Trump called the virus a “hoax” and claimed to have had it contained.

But instead of thinking about all the families who have tragically lost loved ones to a pandemic, Trump demonstrated that he cares more about profits and bragged about the oil and gas industry while vowing that they will make even more profit once he moves forward to re-opening the country by Easter against the advice of health officials.

Trump’s tweet comes on the heels of a $500 billion bailout for industries, which oil and gas companies should not receive since they clearly have plenty of money already. It’s also another example of Trump not giving a damn about the American people, who are suffering and struggling to get by.

Twitter users certainly noticed.

Trump’s lack of compassion is evident in this latest ill-advised tweet. The oil and gas industry is not what Trump should be worrying about right now. And bragging about profits during this crisis when Americans are going broke and will only be receiving crumbs from the stimulus is completely tone deaf and cruel.

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