President Donald Trump attacked the media again on Saturday morning as the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate across the United States.

Over 100,000 have been infected by the virus and over 1,500 people have died. Hospitals face severe shortages of beds, ventilators, tests and other vital supplies, which is resulting in medical personnel getting sick as well.

This is an unprecedented crisis, and Trump is lying about it every step of the way. And because the media is fact-checking him and holding him accountable, he is whining about it on Twitter.

Trump is projecting again. He’s the one who is desperate to “win” because he admitted as much earlier this week when he complained that the pandemic hurts his chances of being reelected.

He also called for forcing the media to reveal sources, which would be a violation of the First Amendment and would allow Trump to retaliate against those sources, especially if they work for the government.

Twitter users blasted Trump for whining about how the media is covering the pandemic instead of being concerned about the health and well-being of the American people. After all, Trump has not once expressed any condolences to those who have lost loved ones and he has never mentioned the death toll and number of cases once on Twitter. Trump is also a hypocrite because he often mentions unnamed sources to spread his lies.

This presidency needs to be brought to an end or our country and Constitution will not survive another four years, assuming the pandemic does not kill us all first because of Trump’s incompetence.

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