Former Vice President Joe Biden released a stinging campaign ad over the weekend using President Donald Trump’s incompetence and petty treatment of Democratic governors against him.

The death toll from the coronavirus stands at over 2,000 people now, and over 120,000 are infected as hospitals run out of desperately needed supplies.

Unfortunately, if you live in a blue state such as California, Michigan, Washington or New York, Trump is retaliating against the governors of those states for not kissing his a** in exchange for supplies such as ventilators, beds, and masks. He even said as much earlier this week during a press conference in which he told reporters he won’t take their calls and call them if they aren’t “appreciative” or “treat me well.”

Seriously. These governors have respectfully asked him to do his job. But they have also rightfully criticized his poor response to the pandemic. Had he taken the virus seriously from the start, hospitals across the country would have been more prepared and measures could have implemented earlier to prevent or slow the spread.

As proof of that poor response, an ad released earlier this week features a handy timeline showing the escalation of cases as Trump’s own words are played reminding everyone of how he talked about the virus leading up to now, including his claim that the virus is just a “hoax.”

That ad is so damaging to Trump that his campaign sent a cease and desist order in a desperate effort to have it taken down.

Now Biden, the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination, has released an equally damaging ad against Trump’s response to the pandemic, focusing particularly on his attacks on Democratic governors.

“His failure will cost lives,” the video says. “His downplaying will cost lives. His incompetence will cost lives. His ego will cost lives.”

Here’s the ad via Twitter:

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