As President Donald Trump continues to misinform Americans about the severity of the danger posed by coronavirus, the majority of the country isn’t buying the rosy scenario he’s selling in an attempt to return to “normal” as soon as Easter, according to a new poll.

The Daily Beast reports that a survey conducted by Ipsos suggests that even those who identify as Republicans say they’re skeptical that things are getting better as Trump continues to maintain at the daily COVID-19 press conferences:

  • A full 73 percent of respondents, including 75 percent of Republicans, said that it was not true that “anyone who wants to get tested [for the virus] can get tested.” Just 17 percent said it was true.
  • Only 20 percent of the public, and just 25 percent of Republicans, said that they believed a vaccine will be available soon. Forty-two percent said that was false and 38 percent said they did not know.
  • Fifty-one percent of respondents, including a plurality or Republicans (46 percent), said it was false that the virus would go away on its own in warm weather, while just 13 percent said that was true.
  • And 61 percent of respondents said that they believed COVID-19 was more deadly than the flu; with 22 percent saying it was about the same and 11 percent saying they believed it was less deadly.

It would appear that while the White House is suggesting life can return to the way it was before the virus arrived in the U.S., most Americans aren’t willing to accept that premise. In other words, the vast majority of us aren’t buying the BS being peddled by the administration.

A closer look at the poll results also reveals that most people want to keep the current safety protocols in place, even if that means a significant slowdown in the economy:

“Just 26 percent of respondents said that they agreed that ‘getting people back to work is more important than social distancing’ while 69 percent said they disagreed. Those numbers were similar when isolating just for Republicans, with 57 percent disagreeing and 39 percent agreeing.”

Even though some polls have shown Trump’s overall approval rating increase over the past couple of weeks, the Ipsos poll certainly points to the fact that most Americans simply don’t trust the president to tell them the truth when it comes to the dangers of coronavirus. That’s a huge problem for Trump as he seeks a second term in office.

Featured Image Via NBC News