This particular time in Donald Trump’s presidency is already going down in infamy as the coronavirus pandemic spreads like a wildfire across the country due to his reckless response and constant lies, resulting in social media dubbing it the #TrumpGenocide.

From initially calling the pandemic a “hoax” to proclaiming that it had been contained to declaring he is not responsible for the spread and his refusal to help Democratic governors get proper medical supplies out of pettiness to ignoring health experts and starting an economic panic, it’s pretty clear that Trump only has himself to blame for the virus being as bad here as it is, and it will only get worse.

And so, even as he attempts to blame anyone and anything but himself, social media users know it’s his fault that Americans are suffering and dying without a proper leader at the helm. That’s why the coronavirus pandemic is now known as the #TrumpGenocide, which is now trending on Twitter.

Let future Americans look back on the #TrumpGenocide and remember how not to handle a pandemic, assuming our country still exists after Trump’s reign of terror is over.

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