President Donald Trump once again took his eye off the ball as the coronavirus pandemic escalates to whine about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Twitter based on a mere rumor that was not even close to being true.

A publication in the United Kingdom suggested that the royal couple could possibly ask the U.S. government to help them pay for security as they relocate to California in the wake of ending their royal duties and stepping back from the public spotlight.

Trump apparently heard grumbling from conservatives over the rumor and decided to take time in the midst of economic chaos and a health crisis to address it.

Of course, it also seems to be a personal attack from Trump considering both Harry and Meghan despise him.

Harry and Meghan soon responded through a representative.

Regardless of whether or not the rumor was true (it’s not), the point is that Trump wasted time on it instead of dealing with the rising number of cases of coronavirus and the staggering death toll.

Outrage ensued in the comments as Twitter users blasted Trump for lacking focus and pointed out his hypocrisy when it comes to taxpayer money for security.

Add this to Trump’s continuing failure to properly respond to the pandemic.

Featured Image: Wikimedia