President Donald Trump lashed out Fox News reporter John Roberts on Wednesday during his latest coronavirus press conference/campaign rally after being asked a legitimate question about his bad decision to disband the Pandemic Response team.

Back in 2018, Trump did fire the Pandemic Response team that had been put in place by former President Barack Obama to deal with health crises similar to the one our nation is currently experiencing.

As the number of infections crossed the 200,000 mark and over 5,000 have died, Fox News reporter John Roberts asked Trump about firing the Pandemic Response team.

Trump, of course, denied disbanding the team and threw a temper tantrum over the question.

“We didn’t do that. That turned out to be a false story,” Trump lied. “Now you’re starting to go — are you working for CNN?”

“I’m pointing out what they have said and what you have said, that’s all,” Roberts replied.

“Fox isn’t so easy either, don’t kid yourself,” Trump complained. “Look, John, let me tell you something. You know that’s a false story. What you just said is a false story, this doctor knows it better than anybody … you shouldn’t be repeating a story that you know is false.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Except the story is not false at all. It actually happened. Every legitimate fact-checker has confirmed it. Trump directly lied to Fox News and the American people by claiming otherwise.

Trump’s decision to scrap the Pandemic Response team is one of his worst blunders as president because our country really could have used that team to coordinate a proper response to the coronavirus crisis right now. The nation has been rudderless without it, and Trump has only fumbled time and time again.

And no one, not even Fox News, should let Trump get away with lying about what he did to make this country less safe.

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