Fox News host Sean Hannity is warning that if other media outlets continue to criticize him for his coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, he will file suit against what he called the “media mob.”

On his show Wednesday evening, Hannity said that anyone who calls his network’s coverage of the pandemic dangerous to public health may wind up in court:

“You have got one far-left media mob maniac over at The New York Times using the virus to attack her least favorite network, oh, and yours truly. Accusing Fox News of putting her mother and the elderly people at risk. Now, if she actually watched our coverage and cared about truth, actually she should put a correction in her newspaper. We would know that we’ve reported without fear from the very beginning — we have our own little timeline on

“In order to help the media mob out, we put it all together for them, so they can’t plead ignorance when I think about suing them.”

Really, Sean? You’re going to sue news organizations for exercising the same First Amendment Right that allows you to spin your BS conspiracy theories every evening on your show? Discovery should prove fascinating, as should deposing Hannity and making him admit that most of what he spouts on the air is based on conjecture and speculation, not fact.

As Matthew Rozsa of Salon notes, Hannity is just one of many Fox hosts and guests who have attempted to downplay the danger presented by the virus:

“Hannity is not alone among Fox personalities who have spread misinformation about the pandemic. Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway and Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson falsely claimed Monday that the media had inflated the number of COVID-19 deaths in order to hurt Trump. Laura Ingraham originally praised Trump for denying the severity of the pandemic, describing his critics as ‘panic pushers’ and inaccurately claiming that the Centers for Disease Control is a ‘highly politicized organization.'”

Poor Sean Hannity. He’s such a snowflake.

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