Country music singer Kacey Musgraves has upset the MAGA faithful who steadfastly support President Donald Trump by daring to refer to the president in an Instagram posting as a “f*cking tool.”

Musgraves made the comment in response to a tweet sent out by Trump in which he bragged about being a “ratings hit” with his daily coronavirus briefings. Here’s the Trump tweet:

According to, that didn’t sit well with the country music star:

“Kacey Musgraves is not a fan of Donald Trump, and she recently made her feelings known in a heated Instagram post, calling the U.S. President a ‘F—ing Tool’ over his coronavirus response. Taking to her Instagram Stories on Monday, Musgraves shared a screenshot of Trump’s controversial “ratings hit” tweet that he posted earlier in the week alongside her heated comment about him.”

And that was all it took for Trump devotees to get their feelings hurt and lash out at Musgraves. Take a look at some of the hatred that was spewed in her direction on Facebook:

“Never liked her, she’s a big liberal, can’t believe country music embraces her. It’s not just President Trump press conferences, he has his medical team with him answering questions as well.”

“Won’t be listening to her music anymore!!!!!! She makes country music look bad!”

“Well we definitely don’t want you in country music do we… talk like you have an ounce of class will you.”

“Oh girl watch out. Two words for you. Dixie Chicks. I’ll throw away your CD’s too.”

“Country music can do without her and never miss a beat.”

Once again we see that the biggest snowflakes of all are Trump worshipers. They’re almost as thin-skinned as Trump himself.

Featured Image Via Twitter