President Donald Trump desperately threw a hissy fit during his latest press conference/campaign rally on Thursday evening when he whined about congressional Democrats seeking to open a 9/11 style investigation into his coronavirus response.

The death toll in the United States is approaching 6,000 and the number of those infected is over 240,000. Both numbers are rising rapidly and there is no end in sight to this pandemic. It’s an unfolding disaster that we could have prepared for, maybe even prevented, had Trump taken the virus seriously in January instead of ignoring it to play golf and calling it a “hoax.”

Because the death toll is so high, congressional Democrats are now considering an investigation into Trump’s conduct before and during this pandemic, and you can bet that once all the expert witnesses testify and all the facts are gathered, the final report will be a disaster for Trump and a stain on his legacy. He will never escape the infamy.

So, Trump is already calling such an investigation a partisan political “witch hunt” and demanded that no probe be launched.

“This is not the time for politics,” Trump whined. “Endless partisan investigations – here we go again, witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt…and the people doing the witch hunts have been losing.”

That’s really not true. After all, the Mueller report revealed that Trump’s campaign had contact with Russians in 2016 and busted Trump for committing multiple acts of obstruction. His impeachment revealed criminal conduct of bribery, and was only derailed by Senate Republicans who rigged the trial in Trump’s favor.

Trump also sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) attacking him, thus being a hypocrite by decrying “partisan politics.”

The American people have the right to know what Trump knew and when he knew it and what he did about it. More Americans have died because of his incompetency during this crisis than died on 9/11, and there was a commission after that attack. Likewise, Republicans investigated the Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans for years, only to find no evidence of wrongdoing. We’re talking about nearly 6,000 dead Americans, likely more.

Once this pandemic passes, Congress must open an investigation, whether Trump likes it or not. But the fact that he doesn’t, makes it all too clear that he has something to hide — as usual.

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