Fox News host Laura Ingraham made a feeble attempt to insult and dismiss Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Friday for being concerned about how hard the coronavirus is hitting communities of color, resulting in yet another AOC burn.

As AOC thunderously explained during remarks on the House floor just before the vote on the CARES Act last week, she represents a district that has been one of the worst hit by the pandemic, decrying the bill’s focus on providing trillions of dollars to Wall Street in a totally unnecessary corporate bailout instead of helping the American people.

Coronavirus cases are now approaching 300,000 nationwide and the death toll has surpassed 7,000, with New York being the epicenter for the time being.

On Friday, AOC continued her crusade on behalf of her district, but also for communities of color and the poor while calling for another relief bill focusing entirely on people this time instead of hand-outs for the wealthy.

Ingraham, a shrill white woman of wealth on Fox News who constantly downplays the coronavirus, responded by mocking AOC’s past job as a bartender to dismiss her remarks.

As other Republicans have found out, attacking AOC on Twitter is a big mistake. And Ingraham learned the hard way when Ocasio-Cortez fired back.

AOC humiliated Ingraham and demonstrated why Fox News hosts cannot be trusted for information during this time or any other time. Ingraham’s tweet also shows utter disdain for people of color and the poor when we really should be helping them the most. People are dying. It’s time for Fox News hosts like Ingraham to stop being petty and divisive.

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