President Donald Trump used his latest press conference/campaign rally to suggest that Democrats should not be allowed to win the election in November, seemingly laying the groundwork to refuse the results should he lose.

Over 300,000 Americans have been infected with the coronavirus and over 10,000 are dead. Using the pandemic as cover, Trump has already suspended environmental regulations and has moved to suspend civil rights.

So, it’s not a stretch to think that Trump would also use the pandemic as an excuse to postpone the election. If not, he will almost certainly reject the final tally if he loses and refuse to concede.

And it sounded like he was laying the groundwork for that during the press conference.

“Democrats view this as a campaign issue,” Trump claimed. “They want to make Trump look as bad as they can because they want to try to win an election they shouldn’t be allowed to win based on the fact that we have done a great job. We built the greatest economy in the world, I’ll do it a second time. We got artificially stopped by a virus that nobody ever thought possible.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

First of all, it’s only a campaign issue because Trump made it one. Had he responded properly to the pandemic months ago instead of calling it “hoax,” the death toll may not be so high and people would not have panicked once his lies were exposed.

And that brings us to the economy, which crashed because Trump caused panic on Main Street as well as Wall Street by not being transparent and doing his job. And the only reason the economy got as good as it did is that it was a continuation of former President Obama’s policies.

Trump also disbanded the Pandemic Response team and has largely ignored the health experts around him.

In no way has Trump done a “great job” during this crisis. And he deserves to lose the election in November so America can have a real leader again.

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